Two Days Project Automation Workshop

Concerned about your team's performance? Looking for ways to enhance your team's productivity and getting rid of all those mundane tasks? Years of consulting and building products have thought us that Automation is the key to improving team's productivity and bringing joy back to software development.

This workshop is tailored for teams who want to seriously start looking at automating as much as possible on their projects. This workshop provides a quick hands-on experience to all the activities that typically take place during Iteration 0 or Set Up Iteration on an eXtreme Programming project. This is a 100% hands-on workshop where participants will setup and configure various servers and frameworks typically required on a project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Hands-on experience in automating a project from the scratch
  • Working experience with the automated frameworks
  • Better understanding of various tools used for project automation

Continuous Integration Tools

Course Outline

  • Setting up an automated build for your project
  • Creating automated unit, acceptance and UI tests for your project
  • Setting up a Continuous Integration (CI) process for your team
  • Configuring a CI server with Version Control System for your project
  • Setting up developer work-stations with all the necessary tools and framework
  • Setting up an evolutionary database design and data migration process
  • Enabling the automated build to switch between Development, CI, Staging and Live environment
  • Setting up coding standards for the team to automatically validate code format and other aspects with each build
  • Adding code coverage or test coverage frameworks to your build
  • Setting up an integrated project dashboard on CI server with various project metrics like BurnUp/BurnDownchart, test coverage trends, test counts, etc.
  • Setting up a build promotion process
  • Setting up a team wiki which is versioned along with the whole project

Project Automation

Method of Instruction

  • We use a Socratic method for training that involves a 100% hands-on workshop with interactive dialogues and live demos

Transfer %

  • Knowledge: 50%, Skill-Building: 50%

Target Audience

  • DevOps

Course Level

  • Advanced

Course Prerequisites

  • Required: Experience with automation tools and scripting
  • Highly Recommended: basic understanding of the life-cycle of software projects

General Requirements

To ensure a successful class, we require the following facilities:

  • VGA projector (1024x768 minimum) & Projector screen
  • 1 White board & Dry erase markers
  • Cluster seating with 5-6 people on each table
  • 1 Flip chart with the stand and marker pens for each table
  • Notepad and Pen for each participant
  • Ample room for students in terms of room size and set up
  • For Dev trainings: at least one powerful workstation between two programmers

Development Tools

Java C# JavaScript C/C++ Ruby PHP Flex
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